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Should your EC2 be a Lambda?

How much would you save by going serverless? Which of your applications can harness event-driven architecture, blazing-fast deployment, incredible scalability, and decreased cost of AWS Lambda? Use this handy calculator to find out!

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Can the functions in your app finish within 15 minutes?

Can the functions in your app finish within 15 minutes?

AWS Lambda is not a good option for your application at the moment.

The current maximum duration of a Lambda invocation is 15 minutes. If your workloads can’t be broken into functions that finish in less than 15 minutes, Lambda is not a good candidate for you at this time. The AWS Lambda team has been continually increasing the maximum duration, so there’s a chance that this will change in the future.

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If you'd like to import your Elastic Beanstalk apps automatically, check out the easily launchable Serverless Application Model (SAM) component!


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How we calculate the cost estimates

EC2: We use Amazon’s price schedule for US-West-2, along with the data you have supplied us about the instances you run to get a reasonable estimate of your EC2 costs each month for your applications

Lambda: Lambda pricing is as follows: $0.20 per 1 million requests. $0.00001667 for every GB-second of compute, with every execution rounded up to the nearest 100ms. AWS Lambda includes a free tier which includes 1 million events, and 400,000 GB seconds free every month forever. NOTE: the free tier is not calculated into these results. There may be additional costs for other services used such as API Gateway and Step Functions that are not calculated into these results.

Your Application Score

Grinning Cowboy Emoji This application would almost certainly benefit from a move to serverless — between the cost ratio of AWS EC2 to AWS Lambda and the app traffic patterns, you could save a significant amount on your AWS bill.

Very Happy Emoji This application would very likely benefit from a move to AWS Lambda — the cost ratio of AWS EC2 to AWS Lambda, and the traffic style of your application mean you could easily save on your AWS bill.

Smiling Emoji While you might not save much money with a move, the benefits of serverless would likely give you a nice boost in availability, elasticity, and developer experience.

Thinking Emoji It's not clear if your application would benefit from serverless, but perhaps its time to ponder if a more modern architecture would save you money or positively affect developer experience.

Sad Emoji Due to very high traffic or a need for intense compute resources, you are probably best sticking with servers. Shucks.